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Birding the Galapagos Islands
October 29-November 9, 2024


Your boat in the Galapagos, the Tip Top II

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Witness the fascinating biodiversity, lava landscapes, and geological history that make the Galápagos Islands compelling. Begin your journey on the mainland with a couple days of birding in the tropical dry forests, mangroves, and estuaries near Guayaquil. Next, embark on a cruise expedition introducing you to the geologically younger western islands, where the archipelago’s volcanic origins are fully displayed.  Here, you’ll have the chance to witness landmarks like Pinnacle Rock, Chinese Hat, and Dragon Hill and to seek out the native and endemic flora and fauna that have specially adapted to these rugged conditions. Accompanied by an expert naturalist guide, you’ll learn about the natural and human forces that have shaped the islands through the years.

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